Redefining the future of Traditional, Complementary and
Alternative Medicine in Middle East and Africa

12-14 DECEMBER, 2023
Dubai, UAE

Redefining the future of Traditional, Complementary and
Alternative Medicine in Middle East and Africa
13-14th December, 2023 Dubai, UAE



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Suraj Rao, Conference organiser, GL Exhibitions
  • Improving knowledge transfer from generation to generation about traditional medicine and the usage of medicinal herbs and plants
  • Encouraging and integrating TCAM with modern medicine to witness better patient outcomes
  • Understanding the use of traditional and herbal medicines to ensure the right usage and prevent harmful side effects
  • Developing a concerted organisational wide strategy and initiative to integrate traditional, alternative and complementary medicine within mainstream healthcare
  • Finding out conceptual incompatibilities between the two disciplines to ensure smooth integration
  • Training modern and traditional practitioners to strike the right balance between disparate approaches

The mainstream medicine in Israel is strongly influenced by conservative western medicine. When public demand called for additional approaches, a governmental committee issued positive recommendations on integration of Complementary Medicine within healthcare services.

  • Integrating of CAM within traditional healthcare through an Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) approach
  • Exposure of MDs to CAM methods and therapists
  • CAM therapists to conventional medicine and to other CAM methods

Technology has been pivotal for modern healthcare innovation and excellence. The TCAM industry is no different. Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, Robotic Process Automation are all making inroads into the TCAM sector. How relevant will they be?

Tech to the rescue! How can TCAM practitioners leverage frontier technologies for healthy living?

  • Finding the best suitable remedies in Ayurveda and homeopathy through artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Herb identification and authentication through blockchain
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for precise manufacturing and standardisation of drugs within Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani medicine
The pandemic and its aftermath have driven the need for telemedicine and telehealth alternatives across the healthcare industry. Whether we like it or not, there is a definite shift in behaviour. But this can make TCAM accessible to all eventually leading to mass adoption. Can telemedicine and telehealth technologies revolutionise patient care and treatment across the TCAM sector?
  • Making the most of telemedicine and telehealth technologies for patient follow ups post treatment
  • The best of both worlds – Adopting a telemedicine strategy to combine modern and traditional medicine thereby creating a holistic approach
  • Enhancing patient satisfaction with high information quality, user interfaces and robust data security
Naturopathy contains all various methods of existing modern and historic alternative medicine.

Case studies of patients with different long term chronic diseases show the keys to successful alternative healing treatments.

As we gradually emerge out of the threat of the pandemic, people have started to perceive health and wellbeing in a different sense. There is a focus on holistic health and overall wellbeing along with maintaining high levels of immunity.

The ground reality of immunity – where do we stand in a post-pandemic world?

  • Using combination remedies to boost overall natural immunity
  • Integrating the use of homeopathy drugs along with conventional medicine to cure long-term conditions
  • Treating multi-comorbidities through homeopathy by focusing on the patient’s entire body than the individual condition

According to a study commissioned by Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi, more than half of UAE residents have been affected by heart disease during their lifetime. Homeopathy medicines and treatments have said to improve heart health and improve the symptoms of heart failure

How can homeopathy help us overcome cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of mortality worldwide?

  • Using homeopathic medicines to effectively control hypertension and other cardiac concerns
  • Combining homeopathy along with conventional medicine to ensure reduced heart failure
  • Homeopathic treatments to manage blood cholesterol and thereby regulate emotional stress

According to the WHO, health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being not merely absence of disease or infirmity, as defined by our master 200 years ago. With the sedentary lifestyle we lead today, there is an imbalance.

Breaking the sedentary lifestyle – will homeopathy play a major role?

  • Developing a care plan that measures, assess and minimises cardiovascular risk
  • Counselling patients regarding health risks of tobacco use and smoking cessation programs
  • Using homeopathy in treatment prevention thus restricting the spread of the disease that can lead to life-threatening complications

Clinical rules for accupoint selection and prescription composition in treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome with acupuncture

Can acupuncture be the answer to Middle East fertility woes?

  • Improving general and gynecological condition to increase the odds of clinical pregnancy
  • Reducing anxiety levels to increase the outcomes of pregnancy
  • Improving sperm quality and count through acupuncture therapy

Several research papers that have been published found that chiropractic treatment can be highly effective in leading a healthy sustainable lifestyle

How can chiropractic help improve quality of life?

  • Chiropractic treatments to enhance wellness and reduce stress levels
  • Drafting multi-modal care plans including chiropractic adjustments, injury prevention strategies and manual therapies
  • Foster whole-body health through chiropractic to maintain high levels of reproductive health

Constant practice of yoga has led to optimal levels of mental and physical health. Yoga improves flexibility, cardiovascular health, muscle strength, mindfulness etc. Certain studies have also shown that yoga can significantly reduce blood pressure, chronic pain and diseases such as arthritis.

Is Yoga fast emerging to be Middle East’s go to therapy for a holistic lifestyle?

  • Incorporating yoga into traditional and alternative medicine to ensure better patient healing and wellness
  • Pre-natal yoga to increase bone health, increase circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients and ensure quick recovery post labour
  • Combining pranayama and various asana postures to boost overall immunity against communicable diseases


Wednesday, December 14 2023


Suraj Rao, Conference Organiser, GL Exhibitions


The human heart is a sensitive detector, which is reactive to geological, geophysical, and astrophysical changes. At unique historical intersection with the ancient civilizations, we documented the biophysical bases of the dominance of human heart as a king of organs which pulsate in great symphony with the universe.

What does ancient wisdom mean for modern cardiac sciences?

  • Re-empahsizing the pivotal role of the heart of it’s as the seat of the emotions in learning, decision-making, and intuition
  • Discussing documented evidence of the biophysical bases of the dominance of human heart as a king of organs
  • Understanding the Heart based Resonant Frequency Theory of consciousness

Ayurveda as a form of holistic medicine has existed for over 5000 years now. At present Ayurveda is one of the fastest growing CAM therapies across the world. Pain management seems to be one of the biggest areas where Ayurveda has shown to be extremely effective and efficient.

How can we address pain management concerns through Ayurveda?

  • Adopting a prevent pain approach through herbal supplements to help maintain Vata levels and using a combination of panchakarma treatments to reduce toxins within the body
  • Using herbs such as Nilgiri, Dashamoola, Shallaki etc. to help manage inflammation that causes joint and muscle pain
  • Jalaukavcharan or medicinal leech therapy to remove impure blood thereby reducing the pain caused by it

According to recent studies, about 92% of all women regardless of their age suffer from one or the other gynaecological disorder. Ayurveda helps women overcome these challenges through its holistic philosophies, theories, treatments and drugs.

What can Ayurveda offer to improve women’s health?

  • Incorporating shatavari in the diet regimen to maintain hormonal balance and strengthen the immune system
  • Using triphala (anti-ageing herb) along with Ashwagandha to detoxify, reduce oxidative stress and help improve digestion
  • Vatanulomana treatment to treat infertility amongst women through a combination of ayurvedic supplements, routine exercises, and strict diet schedule

As people prioritise emotional, physical and mental well-being, resorts, spas and wellness retreats have catered to this global shift in lifestyle. In the UAE alone, the demand for holistic wellness therapies is soaring as people look to achieve a better quality of life.

How are wellness retreats, spas, resorts and holistic health centres driving the wellness agenda in the Middle East?

  • Acceleration of demand for holistic wellness therapies post the pandemic
  • Impact and influence of detox therapies, yoga, weight loss treatments, spa therapies etc to help achieve wellness goals
  • Future growth potential for wellness retreats, spas and holistic centres in the region

Osteopathic medicine focuses on helping every person achieve a high level of wellness by focusing on health promotion and disease prevention. Through a hands-on approach and the full benefits of modern medicine, osteopathic medicine can be a distinct pathway for the Middle East to achieve holistic health.

How can Osteopathic medicine help the Middle East better holistic health?

  • Using a combination of osteopathic treatment release pain and restore mobility
  • Stress management and reduction through deep relaxation techniques and meditation practices
  • Restoring balance in the body through osteopathic medicine for self-healing

Hijama or Cupping therapy is an age-old treatment that has been in existence for centuries. As a regimental therapy, it involves drawing of blood through small skin incisions. Hijama can help provide a proper regulation for blood pressure thereby lowering the high blood pressure. Through hijama, thicker blood can be drawn out of the body which enables lighter blood to flow through the entire body. This helps maintaining ideal blood pressure levels. Along with significant benefits of high blood pressure, hijama also helps regulating the salt and potassium as well.

IDG B – Naturopathy for disease prevention and to maintain holistic health

Naturopathic medicine looks to treat the whole body rather than the specific disease. Naturopathy when blended with modern medicine, can have immense benefits. One of the major philosophies of naturopathic medicine is that the body can heal itself when it is balanced. Naturopathy focuses on the patient’s diet, stress, lifestyle, living conditions to create a profile. By doing so, naturopathic practitioners can focus on preventive health and help avoid future diseases. Naturopathy can also help with chronic illnesses and offset the side effects of modern medicine when treating a disease.

IDG C – Tai Chi to help reduce chronic pain

Tai Chi is an ancient exercise therapy that has now become an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Practitioners have increasingly been resorting to Tai Chi as an alternative therapy for patients suffering from arthritis and other chronic pain conditions. Over a long period of time, patients have also reported increased flexibility, balance and even with mental health illnesses.

IDG D – Aromatherapy

The WHO estimates that there are 3000 migraine attacks per million in a day worldwide. There aren’t any definitive symptoms or distinct biomarkers for migraine, the diagnosis is usually based on a few combinations of typical symptoms. While migraine is majorly treated using modern medicine, aromatherapy can be an excellent complementary therapy. But what exactly is aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils extracted from plants for both physiological and psychological treatment. Essential oils made from lavender, peppermint, coconut etc can not only reduce migraine symptoms such as nausea, depression and insomnia but also help abort frequent migraine attacks if not completely cure migraine.


The Middle East is one of the wealthiest regions in the world, this has led to the emergence of several lifestyle diseases amongst the population. Some of the most common ones include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis.

How effective is Unani medicine to treat these chronic conditions and prevent future chronic illness?

  • Combining the use of Unani medicine along with conventional medicine to regulate glycemic levels in diabetic patients
  • Right usage of Arjun (Terminalia Arjuna) and Zafran (Crocus sativus) as cardioprotectives and cardiotonics to prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Correct knowledge of prodromal symptoms to predict future symptoms and recommending the right treatments or medications

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realise the importance of immunity and maintaining a high level of overall well-being. Unani medicine which has been in existence for several decades, has drugs, treatments and therapies that can boost immunity against a variety of diseases.

Can Unani medicine boost immunity against future diseases?

  • Using single drugs such as Behin dana, Unnab to boost immunity against upper respiratory tract infections
  • Ensuring patients abide by the six essential factors (Asab Sitta Zaruriya) to maintain high levels of overall well-being

Thyroid diseases affect an estimated 200 million people worldwide with women being approximately 7 fold more likely to be affected. A 2020 study shows a prevalence of 5% in the UAE. 

Hashimoto thyroiditis is an auto-immune disease of the thyroid involving the formation of antibodies which attack the thyroid tissue, causing progressive fibrosis. Women are affected more than men with a ratio of 10:1. The conventional medical approach to Hashimoto’s is to manage thyroid hormone levels just as in other cases hypothyroidisim, with the use of thyroid medication. While medication might be helpful, this approach fails to address the root cause issues that are driving immune dysfunction and tissue damage. 

How can Naturopathic interventions halt and even reverse this thyroid disease process?

  • The function of the thyroid gland and how imbalances may manifest in the body
  • Challenges in terms of testing thyroid health
  • The Thyroid is a complex organ which interacts with many other systems and environmental signals; 5 crucial factors contributing to the development of Hashimoto’s to consider
  • The role of nutrition to worsen or improve thyroid imbalance
  • Some of the most important natural compounds or medicines to consider



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